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FINAL MMYF&C Football Equipment Return

Helmet and Shoulder Pads Only

Thursday, November 19th from

5:00pm - 5:30pm

Maple Mountain High School 

Practice Field / North Gate

Words from the McQuivey Family to Maple Mountain Youth Football & Cheer

"Bryson is a Senior at Maple Mountain High School, where he has played on the Football team since he was a Sophomore. In January of 2020 Bryson was complaining of chest pain and was taken to the Spanish Fork  clinic where blood levels were found to be abnormal. He was then sent to the Utah Valley Regional Hospital for further testing and a tumor was found in his abdomen. The tumor was cancerous and the cancer had spread throughout his body. Since February, Bryson has been undergoing weekly treatments to control/kill his cancer. After finding the cancer, Bryson was told he could no longer play football or particpate in many  of  the physical  activities he had once enjoyed. The treatments he is on make him extremely sick, lower his immune system and make him tired. Just 2 weeks ago, scans showed that Bryson's cancer had come back and was in his knee. This diagnosis has been extremely devastating to Bryson and his family. He has always been extremely healthy and active so to find that his body was full of cancer was shocking.

Bryson is a fighter. Despite his diagnosis, he continues to live life to the fullest and finds the good in each and every day. He is an extremely positive  individual with hope and faith that he has something to give to this world and a purpose can be found for all of his trials. He has been a key part of the maple Mountain High School Football team. Last year he was the starting quarterback for the playoff games that Maple Mountain played and did an amazing job. Bryson's strength was throwing passes from the pocket as he had full trust in his offensive line to keep him safe. Bryson loves and cherishes his friendships he has created on and off the football field. One thing Bryson wants each of you to remember when you put the ribbon on your helmet is that life's trials are difficult but you are made to do hard things and you can overcome any obstacle you set your mind to. Anything is possible and miracles exist every day, somedays you just have to look for them. BRYSONSTRONG!!'

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